90% percent of the time i’m “going to the bathroom” is just me in there trying to get away from people’s shit

then why would you go to the bathroom





it’s hilarious how many people are comparing her to nastia when her pak looks like this though lol

oh my god it’s so beautiful. I used to think arched paks were better to look at but hers is so nice and floaty





is there a month between april and june? 

may be

you can’t answer your own jokes

“why did the chicken cross the road?” “why” “sorry cant answer my own jokes ur gonna have to find the solution yourself”


Aaaaand I’m officially emotionally attached to Andreea Iridon



Mai Murakami


Picture Perfect

This image was taken at the Chinese National Gymnastics Training Centre in Beijing back in November 2009, after training had finished for the day. Some of the gymnasts featured will be competing in the upcoming London Olympics. What makes it stand out is that it was captured all in one take.

I first gave the girls a picture of the poses I wanted and each girl chose one. Next, I got them framed up and then set up the camera. It only took about ten minutes and three takes and we were done. The girls were so accurate in terms of their timing when performing their moves, that the process of coordinating everyone and ensuring no one overlapped was amazingly straight-forward.  — Adam Pretty

(Pictured from left to right: Tan Sixin, Sui Lu, Wu Liufang, Chen Shihua, Huang Qiushuang and Huang Huidan.  Photo Credit: Adam Pretty)


I hate brushing my teeth at night because that signifies that you can’t have anymore food and I’m just never ready for that kind of commitment


30 day gymternet challenge

Day 4, MAG crush: Philipp Boy


how come it’s cool for snakes to spit venom and unhinge their jaw to swallow people whole, but when i do it, i’m the “antichrist” and i need an “exorcism”?


so I was on cleverbot and…